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Best sunscreen lotion for sensitive skin from neutrogena and clarins?

Ready for vacation:)

Well, from Neutrogena i would say '; Sensitive skin sunblock lotion'; SPF 30 :), don't use any:)

(by the way I'm using Hawain Tropic as a sunscreen with SPF 30)Best sunscreen lotion for sensitive skin from neutrogena and clarins?

Need help with products here! Should I use Clarins or Declo茅r?

So I am thinking about whether to use Clarins or Declo茅r on my skin. I have normal to combination skin (I usually gets spots on my forehead, under nose and chin, nothing very noticeable though). I have been looking at Clarins products for combo skin and I was thinking should I get their cleanser and toner and hydra matter lotion (moisturiser)?




I have used Clarins before but for normal to dry skin. It was very good but I still get the odd spots on my chin. Now onto Decloer. I have used their mousse demaqullant stuff that you wash off and I found that really nice and refreshing for my skin. But I am scared that scrubs and foaming cleansers are going to give me more spots. Its brightened my complexion well and I am not sure about purchasing this. Would it give spots to combo skin? I have always used cream cleansers so I'm not sure if foaming ones will be any better. I have found some cleansers + toners for decloer as well. The cleanser looks amazing!




So what do you think? Clarins or Decloer? Any advice is greatly appreciated.Need help with products here! Should I use Clarins or Declo茅r?
Decleor are a more natural brand. Not completely but still, it's less chemicals than you would get from Clarins.

I've used Clarins face creams %26amp; have found my skin breaks out due to these.

I use Decleor stuff %26amp; I love this! Never ever have had a break out from his. (I have clear skin anyway).

I'd go to Decleor.Need help with products here! Should I use Clarins or Declo茅r?
I like both but if you go to the Clarins counter in a store you can often get some samples. You may be able to do the same with Decleor too. Some Clarins counters do facials and then you can try the products and ask for samples. Both ranges are quite expensive so you want to make the right decision for you. I love foaming cleansers as they make my prone to spots skin feel fresher.
CLarins products are much better especially if you have sensitive skin. Why dont you go to both stores and get samples and see which works better for you
I use clarins %26amp; it's great, i would recommed it to anyone, %26amp; you only need a small amount of it to be effective!

I bought clarins new fake tan?

it comes in a pot and is called creme delicieuse auto bronzante.

it is meant for face and body. except. i dont know how to use it. and also.

if i put it on at night, go to bed i wake up in the morning and am bright orange. so then i have a shower and it dissapears completely.

its meant to last... i mean does anyone else have this problem?

thanks in advanceI bought clarins new fake tan?
have you read the instructions on the pot or that came with it?

Anyone using shaping facial lift ( clarins)? Is it good?

no its not good at all

What do you think of Clarins skincare product?

I don't know about them and they might even be great.

What I really do know is that they want your money.What do you think of Clarins skincare product?
Not bad.. nw i use tis brand...What do you think of Clarins skincare product?
could be good.........Garnier product is good...........

I got a Clarins face wash from Macys (all skin types), the lady gave it to me.?

but a week later, my face is sooooo dry, that my skin is almost peeling (my chin area) . It almost feels like having a face mask on, when it's almost dry. It is sooooo uncomfortable, it doesn't feel good to smile. do u know how much moisturizers i have put on my face???? my skin drinks it right up and it's dry again.... HEEEEEELP.... please.... please..... !!!!!!!! my make up is the same, everything else is the same... nothing has changed.... but i'm doomed.... thanks.... Always xoxoxoxo the Hopeless....I got a Clarins face wash from Macys (all skin types), the lady gave it to me.?
Go back there NOW, while you are still having the problem. Letting her see it will help her to fix it! Good luck!I got a Clarins face wash from Macys (all skin types), the lady gave it to me.?
I agree, stop using it. Clarins makes primarily expensively packaged and fragranced products that DO NOT work any better than drugstore products. Clarins is very much a ';vanity brand'; as far as skincare goes.
stop using it. go back to your normal face wash. get something that it fragrance free and hypoallergnic that way it wont irritate your skin even more
well its obviously the face wash that is drying your skin out so i suggest to not use it anymore. you should try a moisturizing fashwace or a cream cleanser like neutrogena crem cleanser. I use it and it works really well. My face doesnt dry out from it but it keeps me from breaking out a lot. so if you stop using that face wash your skin will probably become less dry.

Go to a Walgreens a buy an inexpensive product that moisturizes to the extreme

also you might be allergic to something in the clarin's
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  • Tinted Moisturiser? Clarins or Dermalogica?

    Which is better for Acne Prone skin?

    Which provides better coverage?(foundation type)?

    Which is more lasting and non oily?

    Thanks!Tinted Moisturiser? Clarins or Dermalogica?
    dermalogica is better and worth the extra money. go to your beauty salon that uses dermalogica products and ask for a skin assesment. you should always heve your skin analysed by a professional befor switching products. they will tell you what works for your skin type and reccomend products to help you improove the condition of your skin. if you experience a few problems with your skin after you begin using an new product, stick with it. it just takes a little while for your skin to become used to it.Tinted Moisturiser? Clarins or Dermalogica?
    Dermalogica better. But i do want to find one for myself but i dont know just i ever used when i go for facial.
    I'd say Dermalogica, love their products.
    credot siosse