Thursday, December 3, 2009

Clarins or Clinique?

I had a Clarins personal blend facial recently; fab, so now have a list of products recommended for my skin type etc. I also now have some Clinique products which were a free gift. Which do you prefer girls or are they as good as each other?Clarins or Clinique?
clinique contains a lot of alcohol, Look on the baCK of the packet! Never a good thing to put on your face! however their make up is alright!! Clairins use a lot of purfumed ingredients but is generally a lot better! Think about using products with natural sources! Not always that expensive, always read the ingredients before buying. some good ranges are guinot (From salons)and espa (bit more expensive).Clarins or Clinique?
I like Clinique as it doesn't block pores or irritate my skin. Just wish I could afford it!
I like bits from each, Clinique's moisturisers are fab, while Clarins cleansers work better for me and Beauty Flash Balm is amazing. Its all about your skin and what you like. Mix and match the products and you will find the products that work best for you.
To be fair, Clarins and Clinique are both pretty good quality brands of make - up. Try them both and use which ever 1 suits u the best. x
I think as good as each other but prefer the look of clinique xx
I personally prefer Clinique, it suits my skin better, but my cousin uses only Clarins. It depends on what suits you personally.
Clinique or moisture surge and mascara Clarins for everything else
It would depend on your skin type and the products you're planning to buy. Clarins and Clinique are both good brands. I like the moisturizer of Clinique, it's the only one that doesn't clog my pores. I also like their foundations, but I don't like their face powder. Clarins is also very effective --- my skin improved when I used it.

I'd also say that Clinique is good for very sensitive skin. My mother has used Clinique for a long time, and when she tried Clarins she got allergies. The dermatologist told her to go back to using Clinique.
I love Clarins skin care but dont rate their makeup at all, would always buy Clinique make up. But received a moisturiser and eye cream in a recent gift from Clinique and i am very impressed so i think i might buy the moisturiser when i run out of Clarins. It really is down to what suits your own skin. Why dont you go to both counters and explain exactly what you are looking for and you should end up loaded with free samples and try them for yourself.

When you have finished them both, check out MiEssence, it's the worlds first and currently only internationally certified organic to food standards range of personal grooming products. If you want the best skin care in the world then this is it! Not available in shops, visit the website! Your skin will love you for it!
clarins defdinetly
Clarins. They use more natural ingredients and lots of plants extracts. Whenever I have used Clinique it has always left my skin either dry or sore.

However! I do have friends who swear by the three step routine. If you go to a Clinique counter ask them for a sample of the three step routine. Try it out and see how you go, you might like it!


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