Thursday, December 3, 2009

Do clarins test on animals?

i dont like to use anything that tests on animals or uses animal tested ingredients! its so hard to find makeup. i usually go to the body shop and the health food shop.

my mum was wondering if clarins was ok?Do clarins test on animals?
Clarins is on the lists of companies/brands that DO NOT Test on Animals.

Clinique is also nice and a little less pricey.鈥?/a> clarins test on animals?
I am a girl on my dad's account. I maxed out answers on my account.

If it's not tested on animals, then what is it tested on?

HUMANS! So you'd rather a human have bad side effects than an animal. Hmmm... that's really odd.

Think about it.
if we didnt fill our products with chemicals there would be no need to test humans or animal. the products would be safe, people would be healthier and innocent animals wouldnt be harmed.

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